Reiki Healing - Distance

Reiki Healing - Distance

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Distance Reiki Healing Session

Distance Reiki allow you to receive a healing session with me where ever you are in the world and in the comfort of your own home. You book a time when you can relax and be in a safe space to receive.

The Reiki session will be held for 30min with a follow up through email were I'll be sharing the guidance and messages that came through during the session.


Reiki is a energy healing method using universal energy to tend to your body, mind and soul. It is a light touch healing therapy working on all leveles through your subtle energetic and cellular bodies to stimulate your bodys own healing process.
Reiki is like a deep meditation and can be felt and experienced in different ways. Through this healing method the Universal energy will flow where it's needed, may it be stress relief, unblocking stuck energy or connecting to your inner wisdom.  It is a way for you to allow your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-beeing to rise and flourish.

Reiki can support you with

Stress relief
Deep relaxation
Activates your bodys self-healing ability
Emotional well-being
Balance mind, body and soul
Connect to your inner-being
Spiritual growth

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