I welcome you my sisters to join this sacred and loving space of a Women's Circle. The magic of sisterhood is a life long bond that supports us all to rise together. On this particular day we will flow with the divine feminine essens, open our hearts to the ancient wisdom of our souls and the joy of freedom in dance and voicing our truths.

I will guide you through a heart opening meditation followed by sacred dance which can take any form or shape for within us runs the river of our unique expression. Guiding you to tapp into that river, that flow and creativity.

Embracing your space as you lovingly share it with your sisters in the Women's Circle.

The divine feminines essens is presence in all of us and we will flourish in her light and practice the art of intuition.

More INFO : date, time, location ect. see each Yoga Studio specifics


6NOV MALMÖ Yoga Kendra BOOK at yogakendra.se

7NOV HALMSTAD Yoga Institutet BOOK at yogainstitutet.com

12NOV SKÖVDE Rawsome Days BOOK at rawsomedays.se

20NOV STOCKHOLM Yin&Yang YogaStudio BOOK at yinyangyogastudio.se